What is the most popular social media platform?

what is the most popular social media platform ?

By “most popular”, do you mean “has the most users”?

And are you talking worldwide, or for a specific country? Overall, or just for a certain age group?

Question remains as always “It depends”.

Global? or specific to a region? Within a demographic?
Does Facebook qualify as social media? Does YouTube?

If you’re talking Global, Anything Goes, Facebook rides king in terms of global usage, with usage figures somewhere in the 2.5 Billion range.

If you’re interested in some statistics and things, here’s (what appears to be) a well-sourced article I found: Digital trends 2020: Every single stat you need to know about the internet (thenextweb.com). I particularly recommending digging into the slide deck, as the article states, because it contains more of the statistical breakdowns and data.

(Standard Disclaimer: I have not in any way contributed to, nor receive endorsement for, the link above.)

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube is the most popular social media platform.

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Aside from the giants, Tiktok has also exponentially grown during this pandemic.

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As the OP hasn’t returned since posting there seems little point in further answers. Thanks to all who replied. Topic closed.

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