What is the max level of pages the sitemap should have?


I’ve a question on Sitemap. If the site is having main pages like this.

<site url>/Deals
<site url>/Classifieds
<site url>/Home

And each of the above main pages are having categorized pages like

<site url>/Deals/Computer/5
<site url>/Classifieds/Computer/5
<site url>/Home/Computer/5

Should sitemap be included with both ?

I think yes.

Assuming you want search engines to find and index all pages on your site, it’s best to include them all in the sitemap.

Yes you can include, But here is a better suggestion to create different sitemaps on category basis, it would helps to identify which pages are indexed and which are not indexed. It should be submit through google webmaster

I would go ahead and submit all pages that you think are useful for users.

Google has not offered much direction on which pages you should include, but Bing has been clearer on only including quality pages.

Duane: We have a quality threshold on our sitemaps. When you build a site map for us, we want it to be clean. When you put a URL into our site map, what I don’t want to see in there is any URL that’s a 404, 302, 301, anything at all. I want the end state URL only.

Rand: You don’t want rel=canonicals.

Duane: Only end state URL. That’s the only thing I want in a sitemap.xml. We have a very tight threshold on how clean your sitemap needs to be. When people are learning about how to build sitemaps, it’s really critical that they understand that this isn’t something that you do once and forget about. This is an ongoing maintenance item, and it has a big impact on how Bing views your website. What we want is end state URLs and we want hyper-clean. We want only a couple of percentage points of error.

Rand: The best of the best 200s.

Duane: Right, because if you start showing me 301s in here, rel=canonicals, 404 errors, all of that, I’m going to start distrusting your sitemap and I’m just not going to bother with it anymore. If the way that you’re communicating to me that you have new content is to submit the sitemap through the functionality in Webmaster tools, instantly you’re submitting me something that I’ve learned not to trust because its cleanliness is in question. It’s very important that people take that seriously. It’s not a fire and forget. Don’t just go and grab some random tool when you do a quick search and saw, oh, here’s a sitemap generator. It will go crawl my site. Blah, there you are. Forget how many links that actually misses. Seriously, be thoughtful when you build your sitemap. We don’t want every single page from every single website. We want your best quality pages and content. So, you as a site owner . . .

If you have a very large website and problems getting it all indexed, I would definitely focus on getting the product/content URLs in the XML sitemap and not so much e.g. category pages.