What is the latest version of ASP.NET?

There are multiple responses in Which is the latest version of ASP.NET? - .NET - The SitePoint Forums. Note that the question does not ask about MVC but the answers are for MVC.

One response says that ASP.Net MVC 5.2.3 is latest version before they went to ASP.Net Core MVC. See asp.net mvc 5 - What is the latest ASP .NET MVC version? - Stack Overflow; there does seem to be a lot of confusion. That thread sure says that the Core version replaces the non-Core version. However see Choose between ASP.NET 4.x and ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs. That article sure seems to indicate they each have advantages and disadvantages. The non-Core ASP.Net does not support Web Forms so it seems unlikely it will go away soon.

Does anyone know if there is an official Microsoft response to the question of whether they will continue to improve the non-Core version? ASP.Net websites are strange and different from classic web sites where you can just create a HTML file and the server sends the file to the browser. Or in the case of server-side pages such as PHP and ASPX pages the page is first processed by a CGI style processor.

Asp.net version 5.1.-- something. I have attached image along with this .

Is that from VS 2017 or from VS 2019? Microsoft typically supports later versions of software in later versions of VS. I do not assume that the latest version supported by VS is the latest version of the software.

The .Net CLR and the .Net Framework are not ASP.Net. I sure do not know what the relevance of them are to this. Also, do you know what “ASP.Net Web Stack” is? I cannot find the definition of that and I don’t assume to know what it is.

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