What is the job profile of a Webmaster?

I’ve listened about the webmaster. But I don’t know what is the role of a webmaster

Webmasters maintains a website or more than a website. Their job is to maintain the web servers, hardware’s and software’s. in some companies they hire webmasters for maintaining a good traffic for their websites, in that case the webmaster will be handles the duty of optimizing the websites( on page and off page optimization), maintain good traffic for websites on all the major keyword the website dealing with, maintain a good rank on all the major search engines.
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Yes, of course chennai you are right.

I’ll be honest with you. Webmaster is a glorified job title for children. Just like anyone who calls themselves an “SEO” I cannot take them seriously.

Webmaster or Internet Marketer = Tomatoe / Tomata Basically one in the same. You are mastering the art of building and maintiaining a website to make money via internet marketing.

Its another way of making pretty good money with the knowledge of creativity.