What is the future of SEO?

Please, Don’t get me wrong. As a professional, What do you think, If you want to target next 100 years?

Note: I love this place. Because the answers are here too reliable and powerful in this place.


You can’t be serious about 100 years! I defy anyone to be able to accurately know what’s going to be around in 5 years…

I find it hard to picture how the world might be in 100 years time, never mind an aspect as specific as SEO. So instead I’ll concentrate on how I see SEO going in the next few years.

And that’s pretty much in the same direction it’s going at the moment. Search engines are getting better and better at interpreting search requests and returning the pages which best match the request. So I think that content will remain the most important aspect of a site, followed by good HTML structure.

IMHO, that’s good news, because these are the things we should be concentrating on for the benefit of our visitors, so the fact that they are also good for SEO is just an added bonus. The more time we take making our sites easy to navigate, using the correct semantic tags, adding well-thought-out alt text, etc., the more attractive our sites will be to human visitors (surely the whole reason we’re building them ), but also the easier it will be for search bots to crawl and categorise our pages.

I’ve seen it said that the big search engines - Google in particular - are trying to make things hard for SEO. That’s based on a misunderstanding of the purpose of search engines. The purpose of a search engine is to return the best possible results for the person who is making the search; it is there to serve their needs, not the needs of webmasters anxious to promote their sites. So yes - they are making ever-greater efforts to remove those parts of their algorithms which are open to manipulation, and return, instead, quality results which match what their users are looking for.


I think as SEs become ever more clever at indexing as well as at interpreting search requests, the need for SEO will disappear. The search engines will do all the optimising necessary.


Yes, this will probably require a lot of time but it is the most likely prospect. I think that it is still hard to imagine, but I have the same idea.


Now that’s a way forward I could definitely get on board with. I really do wish site owners would put as much effort into delivering good content as some of them seem to put into trying to manipulate their way up the search results using dubious SEO techniques.


its all depend its over traffic
in my think it is a great future in the seo
because its a to long technical thing

In 100 years (and probably as early as ten years time) SEO will no longer exist as computers will be smart enough to really work out how relevant web pages are to the USERS without it.

SEO only exists because of the difference between what real people are looking for and the ability of not so smart computers to figure out what pages might provide it.


So, A large industry will be destroyed by the smart computer!!! like typewriter…

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We can only hope.


An industry that is mostly smoke and mirrors…

You forgot the snake oil…


I would prefer to think of it as an industry pruned and improved.

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of people offering very dubious “SEO services”, often based on poor and long-outdated techniques. I have the impression that many of these people are only in the business because it’s an easy way to make money. If the industry goes, they’ll find something else.

But there are a few good, solid marketing firms around, who offer quality services, and they should survive - and hopefully gain more business, without the fly-by-night “competition”. As the main part of SEO will, IMHO, be a case of optimising the site itself, that should provide more skilled work for those who understand how a page should be structured - and attention to those details, as I mentioned before can only be good for the Internet as a whole.

i think seo will be not famous only but it could be very trending. it has bright future .

That seems diametrically opposed to everything else that’s been said here - can you explain why you think this is the case? Even better if you can back it up with some reliable reference sources.

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Welcome to the forums, @DhanBahadur11.

It seems your views are quite different to those of other members in this thread. It would be interesting to know what has led you to draw such different conclusions. Perhaps you could explain your thinking here?

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its may be not that good for those who physical world but in virtual world its medium of spreading your thought and when u like to share your information in your way then other will like too .

Thank you for replying, @DhanBahadur11, but I don’t understand what your reply has to do with the future of Search Engine Optimisation, which is the topic of this discussion.

Why do you see it going in a different direction to other members in this thread? Which parts of our arguments do you disagree with?

Why would it - there will still be a need to help people write their pages better to make them easier for real people to understand and hence to make the page more useful than the competition.

It is just the emphasis that will shift - adjusting the page to make it better for the real visitors instead of lowering the quality of the content so that search engines can understand it.


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