What is the future of DevOps?

I am a Java developer and planning to boost my skills as I am planning to learn DevOps. I just wanted to know as learning DevOps is worth it or not. I have good knowledge of Java. Is learning DevOps easy for me or not?

DevOps isnt… a thing you “learn”, really… it’s not a language, it’s a workflow. It’s usually a whole team, unless you’re particularly obsessed…

I know very little about DevOps but when I read about it, it seems to be a management style and tools relevant to that style.

The name indicates that developers are combined with operations. Traditionally developers and operations were kept separate to provide security and quality. I have no doubt that there are advantages and disadvantages to use of DevOps or not using it.

Probably you will get more specific responses if you can ask more specific questions.

As long as there are developers there are going to be DevOps. They are primarily responsible for managing developer operations, deployments, flows, processes, automation etc. But like others have said, it is not one language or technology and so you will likely learn a lot of different things. You could even be a devop that does Java deployments and such.

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