What is the future of Daily Deal Script?

As we see so many changes in Daily Deal market in this year what do you think about its future?

For the people who create these sort of copycat scripts, their will always be plenty ‘get rich quick’ mugs who will pay a lowball fee to make it worth creating,up until the point where a competent free or open source alternative exists.

For people operating these late to market copies, I imagine it’s a complete waste of time unless they have very low expectations, as user saturation and fatigue in this market is sufficiently high that only a very well resourced operation that has the time to find unique deals, and can withstand a high cost of customer acquisition,will have any chance of a ROI

Very well said EastCoast… That GroupOn and LivingSocial are taking such big hits should indicate the broad market issues facing this type of category. Being specialized and focused may allow some to transcend these problems [a frequent deal isn’t a bad model provided that the deals remain relevant, the businesses positive] but there has to be something special there to get attention.

The businesses that last will become highly relevant with lower deals on more meaningful services and in many cases I suspect drop the daily component entirely. It’s an obligation without purpose.

Just being another clone, a collection of a few affiliate offers or local pitches that works off of a generic site isn’t going to keep people engaged and isn’t going to lead to anything long term.