What is the Fastest Hosting?

My current website is running slow, so I need to move it to a new hosting. The problem is, VPS with cPanel is so expensive. Can someone recommend the best hosting plan for my site.

How can I find out the internet speed of a hosting plan?

Is it the hosting or your site?

You can try a tool like Website Speed Test | Pingdom Tools to check your site.

It you are targetting one particular country it is probably best to have your host in that country.

If you are using Wordpress that can be slow anyway.



I pay $10/month for a VPS with Webmin (instead of cPanel). I think it is affordable. https://hosting.go4webdev.org/howto

I’ve ran three different VPS servers without cPanel for quite a few years. Have I been missing out on the benefits?

I’m curious to know why cPanel is considered essential.

It is the same with everything @John_Betong ; do you just want to be able to use something or get under the hood.

A lot of people do not know the command line and probably don’t want to. I am like that I although I have done it and it can be a bit scary when you press enter and all those messages fly across the screen.