What is the easiest way to make a responsive website in WordPress?


I’m new and learning WordPress.
Can I create responsive website without using a theme?
If not, What is the FREE and best theme to create a responsive website?
Thanks you very much in advance.

If you’re not using a pre-made theme then you’ll have to create your own theme which you can make responsive. But that assumes you are proficient in HTML and CSS.

There is no such thing as “the best theme”. It all depends on what sort of website you are wanting to create. Even then it is a subjective choice.

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So is there a 100% FREE theme where I can use to make a responsive website?
thanks in advance.

I’m sure there are hundreds of them.

Can you name the best 3 themes for this?
thanks in advance.

As I have already stated.

Depends on what you want to build if you only plan to use free plugins. Check the wordpress.org repository for “free” themes.

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