What is the difference between using For Loop and Schedule?

I wish to understand the difference between For Loop and schedule. I’m using Typescript to create a spin button and I want the button to spin unlimited times, during the process I found out this issue. Can the combination of scheduleOnce and unschedule used to replace For Loop?

What I understood are

unschedule: unschedule a custom callback function

scheduleOnce: schedule a callback function only once, with a delay of 0 or larger

Below are my code: What I tried to do is unschedule an A event until certain time, and then trigger B event but only schedule once

export default class SpinController extends cc.Component {    

  private static SPIN_SPEED: number = 6;

  spineTouchStart() {

  private _speedUp(multiplier = SpinController.SPIN_SPEED) { 
      this._trackLoop.timeScale = multiplier / 2.0; 
      this.scheduleOnce(() => {
          this._trackLoop.timeScale = multiplier;
      }, 0.1)

What do you mean by For Loop? Can you provide a link to the relevant documentation? JavaScript has about 5 variations of the for statement and perhaps you are referring to a TypeScript thing. What do you mean by schedule? I don’t see schedule in the JavaScript documentation; is it a TypeScript thing?

If you want to create a smooth animation you should look at window.requestAnimationFrame().

Yes, I’m asking in Typescript language

Can this used in Cocos Creator? Because right now I’m doing game development using Typescript

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