What is the difference between unique page views and visitors?

Page views is an important phenomenon in terms of SEO of a website? Many terms are used in this case such as page views, visitors, etc. which are difficult to understand in real terms.
What is the clear distinction between page views and visitors?

It seems fairly self explanatory that visitors tells you how many individuals have visited the site and that page views is how many pages on the site have been looked at. One visitor may look at just one page, or any number of pages.
Unique page views shows only pages visited by different visitors, so excludes multiple views of the same page by the same visitor.

I don’t see that. I see that visitors is a good way to measure the effectiveness of SEO, seeing how many visitors come through search engines.
But page views is something else, this comes after the SE has done its job and brought you a visitor. I think page views is more a measure of how content and UX is performing, nothing to do with SEO.


@maleque456 sorry, but I’m confused.

Your Profile states that you are the CEO and founder of learnplanning24.com

I visited that site and its content suggests that you are knowledgeable of SEO matters.

Yet you have started several topics here (most of which you have never replied to, BTW) asking basic questions that indicate that you are far from being knowledgeable of SEO matters.


SEO and plus SMM is very important of a website. If you wish you directly send email to dynamic customer I’m saying it not bad idea. So SEO and SMM really important for website.

@SamA74 I think what he told is the best possible answer to this.

The stats cannot how many “visitors” actually are viewing the web site. It cannot see two people reading the page at the same time as one points out something to another, for example. So number of visitors is simply not possible for stats to count. It can, however, measure page views, for every time someone visits a page, the page is served from the server, and servers keep stats on how many times a page is served. The server simply doesn’t know how many people have viewed the page, only how many times it has been served.

If the same page has been served to my home twice in one day, perhaps it was accessed twice by me; perhaps it was accessed once by my and another time by my wife. The server doesn’t know how many people viewed the page.

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