What is the Difference between Data Highlighter,Schema

I am Really confused what are data highlighter,scheema creater,structure data and rich snippest,These all names have the same meaning?please help me and what are the easy way to do this

Well, Yes. All these terms just refers to one tool. Structured Data Markup Tool by google and there are many more like it. Their sole purpose is to markup important data of a business within a website and makes it understandable to the web spiders. And, thus results in Good Organic Search Ranks.

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The Data highlighter is a tool offered by Google Webmaster Tools which is an easy way to give Google structured data about your site without having to edit any code, it uses a GUI instead.

Other methods of adding structured data (there are a few) involve adding code. This may be in the form of tags surrounding relevant content or it can be done via script (Json).

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