What is the difference between a high FPS rate and a low latency?

I am searching between these FPS rates and low latency.

can anyone different these

waiting for reply

I think a shorter list would be the similaritiesā€¦

Not really i think

I what context?

explain just between this " FPS rate and a low latency"

Well they are completely different things.
FPS stands for Frame Per Second and is used as a measure of the ā€œFrame Rateā€ in film or video.
For example a video with a frame rate of 30 FPS, will show 30 still image frames in every second.
The frame rate will detemine the smoothness of the motion. a low frame rate of just 10 FPS will look a bit jerky. A high frame rate will look much smoother.

Latency is more about communication and is the measure of lag between the transmission and reception of information, or the time it takes for the information to travel from point A to point B.
Low latency means to info travels fast, with minimal lag. A high latency may result in a noticable dealy in receiving info after it is transmitted.

The reason I ask for context is that I would consider the two things largely unreleted, or at least uncomparable. So giving the context in which you require this in fomation could result in a more useful answer.
The only context I can think of where the two may meet would be trasmitting video on limited bandwidth, where there may be a trade off between frame rate and latency, and you would have to prioritise or compromise one over the other.

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Not according to him!

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