What Is The Clickthrough Rate A Twitter Tweet?

Hi all…

I have been busy twitting for some weeks now and I have collected about 1000+ followers. Most of the followers are in to a certain niche and today I tried driving some traffic to my site with a tweet.

The clickthrough traffic from that tweet is almost close to ZERO and I am wondering if anybody have had good results with driving traffic from their tweets.

Would love some info on what is the average clickthrough rate from a good tweet?

From your experience, what is the best way to drive traffic from a tweet?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated…thanks!

I personally think that everyone is going to give you varying answers to this as you have already noticed. This is due to the fact that ANY marketing tool relies on a variety of factors in order to be successful and render results. When it comes to tweets you MUST try to accomplish a whole lot in less than 150 characters. Maybe its a little more, but the truth is that you have VERY LITTLE space in order to be effective. Not to mention that NICHE and PRODUCT are also influential factors in click rate. If you do not have a product that people are in need of in this dire economy, they just aren’t going to click. Getting people to spend money nowadays is an even bigger challenge than it was a couple of years ago. SO, this said, you may need to analyze your niche, your product and YES your Tweets!

You can use a tool like http://140ctr.com to track your account’s CTR over time.

I normally get between 0.5% and 1%.

Normally I tweet 2-3 times a day. Make your tweet catchy, I also DM people I know who would be interested in my tweets.

Organise an event and get people talking about it and get as many people tweeting about it as you can !


I read somewhere a very low ctr. do’nt remember exactly.

From my experience most people only click through links on Twitter from people they know and trust. If you are just some random Twitter account that never interacts with any of your followers your click-through rate will be much lower than someone who is very active with their followers and engages in their updates as well

hi, i think you need an idea! (news | even | occasion) properly described and set up on twitter to drag people there. with images of course. and a real time discussion over the tweet … i guees that it will help to rise up traffic and increase number of visitors and friends. make more posts and invest you time into conversation over them.

1,000 followers just isn’t enough. We seem to get a CTR of 0.015 on our tweets, and they have to be somewhat interesting to catch people’s eye.

So if you’re doing well, you get 15 hits from a 1,000 person following, which is hardly worth the time invested. But if you’ve got 20K+ followers, then 300+ hits from the 10 seconds it takes to compose a tweet is rather worthwhile.

i get only 7 or 8 visitors from twitter than the traffic suddenly dropped and then it went to 2 visitors.

With the amount of people dropping links in twitter, it’s no wonder there’s a very low ctr.


I think with ny newest twitter account I only have about 350 followers - last time I tweeted a link - I got about 50 people checking it out.

That said I put a lot more time into my twitter than most do. Most of my tweets are not links as well. Usually replies to my followers is the majority of my tweets.

It depends on what type of link, how relevant it is to your followers, how many followers, what time of day etc.

I get anywhere from 300 - 500 clicks on some of the links I tweet. Blog post links get less around 200. (But I also have 20,000 followers)

Tweeting during the work days you get a lot more clicks too.

around 1-2%

it depends on structure of your followers

Find some detail about the rating of twitter here:-:nono:

You need to target the people who are in the niche.Just 1000 followers are enough. Even if you have 100 followers and if they are the right people you are in it.Just focus… it’s not easy job to get the right followers…need to work hard