What is the bounce rate on your blog?

My bounce rate on my blog was 52% I changed a few things around and now my bounce rate is 48%. I think it will be even less once I add more content. What is the bounce rate on your blog?

Last time I checked was about 55 percent. Really depends where your visitors are coming from. Anyways, anything hovering around 50 percent is good enough imo.

Yeah, I think 50 is good. Mine is usually higher, unfortunately.

Mine’s about 60-65%, and I don’t see that as bad.

If people find what they need on the first page they hit this time around, I believe they’ll be more likely to see me as a trusted information source next time they’re searching for searching for something.

My bounce rate was at around 70%, once I added pages to blog posts It’s dropped to 50%, but then again I don’t think that really means anything.

I checked last week the bounce rate of my blog was 70% but it reduces from 70% to 40% a few days back.

Well It Depends upon Qualitative Content and Most Importantly Niche that you are focusing for… If You are writing about fashion, style, entertainment the bounce rate will be quite high and if you focus on Technology based Niche you will observed that Bounce rate of this Niche will be Low But Qualitative content should be Must…

Sorry to ask. What is bounce rate? How to check it?

Yea I see the number about bounce rate but never really understood what exactly the bounce rate mean. Do it really matter? What do it affect?

Well Bounce Rate can be determine as The percentage of visits where the visitor enters and exits at the same page without visiting any other pages on the site in between.

for my blogs…the lower % the better .

And If anyone want to know that what is bounce rate, they can go through

My bounce rate was at around 55%.

mine is 30% :stuck_out_tongue:

my bounce rate is 68%