What is the Biggest Mistake You've made with Blogging?

I would be interested to hear all of your tales of woe and failure as a blogger, and how you’ve learned from them.

I remember when I first started my blogs, I never gave them enough time. If I had worked harder on my blogs to bring in new content and traffic I’m sure I could have earned a lot more money, but I’ve learned to never give up and keep working on my projects no matter what!

starting too many blogs

I attempted to make a joke in a blog post but it somehow offended a group of homosexuals. I totally regretted it and apologized like 50 million times after they posted 160 comments against me on the post. Wheeew… i learned my lesson. it happened about 2 years ago.

I screen all of my posts now just to make sure i do not offend any groups or persons.

I guess my mistake in the beginning was I did was not updating my blog regularly.as I was concentrating more on promoting blog rather than adding or updating it!

impatient :D:D:D

I was too lazy in the beginning, registered way too many domains with the delusion that I can develop them all, blasting every available site real estate with ads, and I’m sure many many more.

Somehow I can relate to you. I thought that having too many blogs can help earn more bucks but I ended up getting burned out and now I wanted to sell all of them and start anew but this time I will only maintain one blog.

Spent too much time thinking without taking any action . Trust me this is the worst thing you can do . The next being not taking SEO seriously . 50% of my visits are from Google

I second that :stuck_out_tongue: