What is the best way

what would be the best way to designing a a site that users would be able to post company or product reviews. It would not be an affiliate review site. It would be a site with a similar concept as a ripoffreport.com or complaintsboard.com. I would also like to be able to have ads on it. Word wordpress be good? I was thinking perhaps phpbb. Or would another cms like joomla be better? I can write html, xhtml, and css…but i am not experienced with writing scripts, which I assume a site like this would need to be php or something. Thanks for your insight

What they said.

I would say you would want wordpress/joomla/drupal vs phpbb. These all use php, and the set up complexity is in the order I listed.

I suggest you make your self familiar with indeed PHP or any other server side scripting language. Because no matter if you use a cms like wordpress or joomla. If you would like to adjust the template or experience hick-ups you’re in problems if you don’t have any scripting knowledge.