What is the best way to tackle this issue?


I have got an issue with a popup not showing up at some stage in the process, meaning that sometimes it comes up fine, but not always. My customer doesn’t allow me to publish any part of this internal project so I am on my own. I have tried to fiddle with the z-index but it didn’t change a thing, anything in the developer’s tools I can see why my popup is hidden ?

Without code it will be hard to give an answer but here are some things you can look at.

How is the popup placed?
Is it position:absolute, position:fixed or static in an empty container perhaps.

If it is absolutely placed then you need to find the closest parent of that popup that has a positioned defined (other than static) and if that parent has a z-index then it needs to be higher than anything else in the vicinity.

Note that is the furthest positioned ancestor (with a z-index other than auto) that will determine the stacking level of all the children. If the parent is z-index:1 and the child is z-index:100000 then it will make no difference to elements outside that context as they treat it at the child as a zero z-index.

If the element is absolutely placed is it placed in relation to where you are or have you placed in relation to the top of the screen which may have scrolled out of view? If it is fixed positioned then this won’t be the issue unless you have placed it outside the viewport.

Locate the popup in chrome devtools (you should be able to see the html for it although it may take a bit of searching) and see what CSS rules are applied to it. You can toggle rules on or of or increase/decrease them in the devtools window to see what will happen.

Compare those rules to the times when you can see the popup and see if there are any differences.

What triggers the popup?

Is the popup actually triggered when you can’t see it? Is there a button to click? Does that button always work or is it obscured by another element.

Are there any errors in the console?

It may be that you will have to create a separat reduced demo for us in order to debug further. :slight_smile:

I am aware of that !

Anyway it seems that I have found the issue. Moving the popup outside the <asp:UpdatePanel ID="Update_Formulario" runat="server"> tags seems to be the way to go.

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