What is the best way to run any free campaign to earn more?

Actually I used so many social networks & free email marketing by running the free campaign without pay but create lots of viewers of my accounts/profile & posts. But results are such a wasting time. So I have to know the proper way that how anyone can run any offer from any network for free & get the best result by earning a suitable amount.

Tell us what you used so we don’t repeat what you already tried.


I agree with WebSteve… Better advice can be given if we know what you tried and which social media you use.
Although, to be honest, it is very likely that if you use a media that’s specific to your country, we might not know anything about it.
Webs as Twitter, FB or instagram based their suggestions on what people with similar tastes have reacted to. Even if you don’t use their targeted marketing tools, you should have reasonable results if you understand them.

You should go to social media. Nowadays people are very active in that. But I think if you want to run free a free campaign, then you should know it not going to deliver results fast. You have to be patient.