What is the best way to learn Python

Can any one suggest me what is the best way to learn python program

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Hi there, The best, in general, is a subjective reality, but I am recently following a udemy course. It is not a fast track, but it will cover all basics and fundamentals if you can invest 60 hours+.

Here’s how I did it (no tech background whatsoever). I’ve started with reading books on Python to get a general vision of this language. Then I found free online courses on Python from one of the Russian universities (I speak both Russian and English). The professor dwells on both theory and practice. So, it helped me to get the ball rolling.

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Unfortunately, anybody can set themselves up as an expert and post on YouTube, so I would caution against following any course there unless it’s from a recognised and reputable source.

We’ve had more than one member here having to “unlearn” bad coding practice they have learned from YouTube.


I used youtube’s Free Code Camps tutorial for 5 hours I learned python about 1-3m subs and is a coding forum using the same thing as SitePoint uses to make fourms.

That is true in general for our entire life. Flawed learning is far worse than ignorance.

Python, in my opinion, is a programming language that is best learnt by practise. You’re not going to make it if you don’t have enough motivation. Once you’ve mastered the fundamental syntax, you’ll be able to create projects on your own. Projects are an excellent method to study since they allow you to put your knowledge to work. It will be difficult to retain your knowledge until you use it, and practice exercise questions will help.

As the OP has never returned, there seems little point in reviving the discussion.

Thanks to all who contributed. Thread closed.

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