What is the best way to handle SPARQL queries?


I was wondering what would be the best way to go about accessing a data set using SPARQL and displaying the results in a conventional HTML browser interface?

I am inexperienced in web development, but I have some experience in software development in general. I am just looking for a few pointers as how to get started with something. I initially want to get things going myself so I am able to demonstrate a concept, I am under no illusions however about getting something coded to a professional standard myself.

Basically I would like to access a large data source using SPARQL queries but obviously I would like to obtain the search terms and present the results in a user friendly HTML way using forms and tables etc. I would also like to do some basic mathematical and logic (IF statements, that kind of thing) operations with some of the search results and present this as new data.

A walkthrough of what I want to happen step by step:

  1. User selects options from drop down menus, sliders, radio buttons etc and submits.
  2. From this submission, search terms for a SPARQL query are generated and the query is run.
    3.Processing is done on the results to provide new data
    4.This data is presented in a user freindly way e.g. a table or something

As I say I’m a novice and don’t really know where to begin, how would people generally go about doing something like this? Some pointers on what to read up on would be very much appreciated.