What is the best way to end the article?

hay dudes!!! hope you all will be fine…hay guys i need some direction regarding article writing…what is the best way to end the article??? either giving your own personal views at the end or generally talking the positive and negative points of the article???or with any thing else???
looking for suggestions…
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The ending of the article will be your conclusion. It has to be more positive and convincing in order the reader will be interested on what you are talking about.

thanks guys but what if the article is just about a breaking news how can we end that in a lavishing manner???

If I’m writing an article for my own marketing purposes, I like to ask a question at the end that leads right to my link. For example, if my article is about lesser-known benefits that you can get out of an article marketing campaign, I’ll say something like “Are you getting all you can out of your article marketing campaign? Let Nicole give your article marketing strategy a boost…”

all thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Always end with a “call to action” which can be anything depending on which action it is you want them to take

if you want feedback ask questions
if you want them to buy provide the link
if you want them to share your content provide “share this” functionality etc

I would just like to say thank you to the real estate spammer (since removed). Highlights my point on comments nicely.


some suggestions are take it easy and write a article just using the word what you want to say.it is your site ,your blog, and your place,just forget the end,and how to end the article.just write untill you think you should stop you saying. no end is also a good article.as long as you have give some useful message for anybody,that is enough.

As others have noted, it really depends on your goals. You may want to increase pageviews or clickthroughs. Maybe you want more newsletter sign-ups. Maybe you want people to buy something. Really, you need to think through your call to action.

Traditionally, few people read through an entire newsletter article and editors just chopped from the bottom. So it was really only in feature articles that you saw other ways to close up articles. But, even then, editors used the “continued on page…” trick to get you to find other articles and, more importantly, ads!

So what’s your call to action?

Given all that, I think you’re back to hiring a copywriter and marketer. Then you’ll go fishing if you know what’s good for you.

It probably depends if your artcicle is instructional, informational or interactive.

If it’s instructional, then the best way would be to wrap it up with providing contact information for help and feedback.

If it’s informational, then then you could provide contact info if there are questions.

If it is interactive; wrap it up with your views, why have taken the position you have on a given topic and then ask; what do you think?

Just allow comments on this one so it will facilitate interaction of readers with one another as well as yourself.

But always - allow commenting.

If your reader wants to say something and you won’t let them; they don’t have to stay or come back.

Not a pro on this; but try a few options from the feedback that you receive here. Whichever works most like the way you want it to, that’s what you should use.


It really depends on the topic of the article. Most articles end with questions, opinions, and usually it summarizes the content.

a lavishing manner???

I have no idea. Hire a copywriter.

they don’t have to stay or come back.

True whether you allow comments or not. And then you have to police comments.

Please show a study or test (or three) where simply allowing any and all comments increased conversions. It would be especially nice if that study included flame wars and viagra link spam.

User reviews, yes. Any unfiltered unhelpful comment anyone at all wants to make for any reason whatsoever, no. There is a difference. And that difference lies between flipping the switch on a module and actively developing the site.


Before you conclude your article, check your vocabulary. That’s for sure! Lavishing means wasteful.

In writing an article a simple rule of thumb from sales works well.

  1. Tell them what you are going to tell them: Summarize the point of your article.
  2. Tell them: Give the reader your details.
  3. Tell them what you told them: Form a conclusion based on the body of your article.

How you end the article depends on your goals and the type of article you are writing.

Marketers often end with a call to action. Others want to leave the reader with a “takeaway,” the important nugget they want the reader to remember. What’s the lesson, the moral, the point?