What is the best way for member to upload and present youtube videos

Hello Everyone

i am building a member’s only site (each member will have their own profile page). i now want to enable members to upload videos to the site so that i can then imbed the videos on their profile page.

( i intend to store the videos on “my own youtube channel” and then link that video to the individual members profile page.

Can somebody please advise me of how i can go about doing this. i.e what software/programme to use that will enable members to upload the vidoes and is there a way for me to automatically transfer the videos to my youtube channel or must this be done manually.

i am a PHP developer, so, if there are any PHP guys out there, who have done this via PHP i would really appreciate the advice.

warm regards



I’m not sure if there is something pre-made that exists that would fulfill the function of uploading a video to your account but there are plugins available for wordpress that allow users to embed videos on your site.

You could check this one out,

You may also be able to find an answer in the Youtube API,

Hope that helps,