What is the best tool to check my site's disavow backlinks?


Can anyone suggest me any good tool that will give my all disavow backlinks which are linked to my website?


I'm sorry, but your question doesn't make much sense.

To "disavow" links, you must submit a list of those links to Google. Why would ypou then need a tool to tell you which links you disavowed?


I want to get those spammy link to remove. Then how do I found that which are the spammy or low-quality backlinks to my website?


Google search console will show you incoming links.

Be sure to read Google's guidelines on using "disavow":



I already read that. But it gives the all incoming links list. It doesn't give the two list, the Quality links and the spammy links.
M I right, Sir?


You need to work out for yourself which links are quality and which links are Spammy.

If you haven't been participating in any dubious link-building practices, then you should have nothing to worry about.


Yes, sir. And I am here just wanted to know that Is there any tool available for that.
By the way, I found one tool helpful which give me the details of the DEAD links.


I am not aware of any such tool, and if one exists, would you really want to rely on it? Given Google's warning about misuse of the disavow tool, would you really want to trust an algorithm to correctly detect which links are good and which are not? On what would you expect it to base its assessment?

As I say, if you haven't done anything which might violate Google's policy on link schemes, then you should have nothing to worry about. If you really think you have so many bad links that they're causing an issue for your site, then I don't think there is any shortcut; you need to contact the sites and ask to have the links removed, and if that fails, disavow the links. You need to use your own judgment on which are good and which are bad.


majestic is best tool to check backlinks


Does it do what the OP requires and show two lists, "Quality" links and "Spammy" links?


I'd say Google webmaster Tool!


To all posters:

The OP is asking specifically for a tool which will automatically distinguish good links from Spammy links. Please ensure your suggestions meet this requirement.


There are many online and offline tools for checking your site's back links but I don't know any tool that perfectly short out your spammy or low quality back links.

Typically its a two step process. First you need to download a list of link to your site and then you need to submit a list to Google's disavow tool to ignore those links while evaluating your link profile.
But we always skip the most important step of shorting out the unwanted links. Which I believe is the best way to do manually .


These are presumably the same tools that allow you to surf the web while offline?


I have worked in the past on this activity in order to recover one of my websites and while identifying tools, I came across Ahrefs, Moz, Magestic etc and let me tell you Ahrefs has one of the largest database of backlinks and thus you will be able to identify and analyze on a large number of links. Once you have the tool, you need to export the backlinks and then identify which are spammy and then accordingly disavow them.


i think you want a tool that can help you find the Spam link pointing toward your website and you want to remove all those link through disavow file.
In that case i think you u need 2 paid tool 1. AHREF 2. SEM Rush
As sem rush will help you find spam score of each and every link you have , however the problem with SEM Rush is that sem rush back-link database cover only 40 to 60% of link you had made in that case you need AHREF as there data base is huge however they also miss 10 to 20 % of link also collect the links from webmaster .
Check all link in sem rush and ahref spam score tool.
Even you can ask sem rush to create a disavow file from the selected links.

I will suggest you go for each link than at 1st try to manually delete the link however if you are not able to remove the link manually , approach the webmaster of website and if you dont get any any success than your last step must be disavow file.


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