What is the best theme for my blog?

Hi guys,
I was trying to improve loading speed of my website, because i was using a free theme.
So, it was causing me lots of problems in terms of SEO, Speed and Design.

I optimized my website as much as possible for me, but it still its speed is 5 Seconds on an average. But i want it to be less than 4 seconds.

I did everything according to me.

Please tell me how can i further improve speed of my site.

I decided to buy new theme, what is the best theme for my blog in the budget of $60.

And what’s it loading that’s taking that long? What does your network graph say?

Well if you’ve decided to buy a new theme, why ask us about your old one?
Also, there’s no way anyone can say ‘this is the best theme for your blog’ without knowing anything ABOUT the blog, or you, or your tastes, or… or… or…

You can improve the speed of your website by getting rid of unused CSS JS, uninstalling unwanted plugins, compress images, use a CDN,Enable Gzip compression, clean up wordpress database.

If you need a new theme buy one at themeforest. Best of luck.

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