What is the best technologies to create a crowd funding service?

we’re going to invest on a crowd funding website in our country. Currently, there’s not any native service.
As I search more, I get less answers! I also contacted to some of famous providers and they didn’t respond properly.

  • Is there any CMS or addon-for-a-cms to found this service?

  • Which one is better: programming an application from scratch or creating a plugin for current CMS’s such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc?

  • Which programming language is the best to make it from scratch for these days?

You don’t need to be looking at a CMS. You need to look at building it yourself, things like this are less Website and more Application. Any language you choose would work, each language has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re asking questions like these, it’s probably safe to assume you have a long way to go before getting something up and running. There are plenty of places to learn pretty much any language you want depending on your skill level.

we are not programmer. we just want to invest: we will hire/employ them. we want more to know which language, to know which programmer!

Well, if that’s the case then you shouldn’t worry about it. You should hire someone who knows how to build web applications and let them tell you what would be best, based on their experience and the requirements of the project.

Micro-managing things you’re inexperienced with is a sure way to screw up a project. Let the professionals do what they are paid to do. The language I would choose may be different than the language another developer would choose. Like I said earlier, each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses. They all do the same thing in the end.

You should seek out information on how to hire the best/proper developer/studio for your project. I’ve seen this sort of information before but I don’t know of any I could link off the top of my head.

Save yourself a world of hurt and financial loss, and take mawburn’s advice.

if we hire a ruby-on-rails programmer, he will advise ruby-on-rails!
We tried to find which languages is used in current crowd funding websites, but as they have started many years ago, their language may not be suitable for modern front end experiences these days!

we want to make something exactly following indiegogo features: music, film, software, hardware, etc.

this was our approach: Choosing language, then hiring developers
but this is your approach: Hiring developers and let them to choose language.
So, which kind of developers?

web-application-developer is a general title! a ruby developer, a node.js developer, django developer, …?

yes, I’m reading people ideas on famous blogs such as http://blog.codinghorror.com/how-to-hire-a-programmer/ || also searching through some hiring services as in guru.com, [url=http://gun.io/]gun.io, [url=https://www.elance.com/]elance.com, etc.

Web Developers

This can be done in Ruby, Python, Node.js, Scala, Java, PHP, Erlang, Go, ASP.Net, Coldfusion, or even CGI. In any framework, server stack, or database. It doesn’t matter. Hire a web developer and he will tell you what he tells you. The developer matters, not the language.

If you hire a code monkey, you’re going to get a website built by a monkey. It will not scale and it will not be maintainable, which will lead to ever growing costs and eventually a complete re-architecture (if you haven’t burned through all your money yet that is). All it will be is an ever growing and decreasingly functional pile of garbage.

If you hire a developer or a proper development studio, they are going to build you a functional web app that meets your requirements. It doesn’t matter what language they choose. This shouldn’t be your concern, you’re not the professional web developer, they are.

If you’re going to get on a commercial flight, do you book through an airline or do you ask which plane you’re going to be flying on? You dont’ say "I want to find a Boeing 747 to take me to Hong Kong", do you? You just book a flight to Hong Kong on your favorite airline and purchase the best seats for your budget. It doesn’t matter what plane you get on, it only matters that you get there and how comfortable you are on your trip. Your level of comfort is dependent on how much money you have and how much you researched different potential flights. The airline decides which plane is best to put you on based on different requirements and availability, that’s their job, they are the professionals.


Since you linked Jeff Atwood, you should read this:

I’m a pretty big fan of his and a lot of what I’ve said in this thread was actually influenced by the above post.

I’d argue you really need multi-pardagim developers here. There is a front-end website but that is the real easy part of the problem. Get yourself a technical co founder and give him a real equity stake and real resources to get this accomplished.

I actually did this years ago, built a crowd funding website, built in Python/Django, from scratch and it took me and another developer about two to three years working on it part time. Technically we got it pretty close to completion (about 95%) but it fell down on the business side. The things you need to consider are:

  1. Is it legal in my country?
  2. How many pages of compliance rules do I need to adhere to?
  3. What kind of business partnerships do I need to have in place?
  4. How am I going to market this platform? Almost everyone leaves this to last but its the most important step. Make sure you have a market.
  5. Do some cashflow projections based on what you have found out about your market.
  6. Build a quick prototype but just enough to demonstrate the concept. (Basically “smoke and mirrors”).
  7. Produce some promotional videos and maybe even promotional website where you can keep your customers engaged. (This is not the main website you are developing.)
  8. Get some feedback and finally start building your product about what you now KNOW about your market.

You can have the best coded crowd funding platform in the world but no market and those are the words of experience. Don’t miss out the business steps.

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