What is the best techniques for seo in 2010

hello friends,

pls tell me what is the best seo techniques in 2010?


Create something Useful.

Meaning create something good that there is a demand for. You can do all the SEO you want on badly written rubbish that nobody wants, but it won’t do any good.

as the years progress, worthless content will sink lower and lower, out of visibility.

partially do to improving of search engines, fighting spam, and the simple fact that internet users are learning more and more how to effectively surf the web.

Not exactly what I meant, I wasn’t getting on my high horse about the quality of content. What I meant was that the one thing that all high ranking pages have in common is that they’re the most useful examples of their kind.

Google wants to be useful to it’s users, so when they give you a search return and have to decide how to rank the pages they found that are relevant to your search they look for signs of ‘usefulness’, signs that other people find your page useful. So, the easiest way to rank well is to contrive to create those signs but in a genuine way. If you create something genuinely useful, you’ll rank well.

link wheels…

Google, month after month, is devaluing links that can be controlled by the website owner (blog posts, forum posts, articles etc.) and strengthening links that cannot be controlled by the website owner (links from other sites on your subject).

Link baiting will be the most powerful technique moving forward. Search for it on this forum.


2010 Or 2011…or any year there will be some things which wont change …and some things which will keep on changing…

1Content is the king today…tomorrow…or day after tomorrow…

2.Links from high authority sites pointing towards your site will give u value for a long time to come…

  1. Effect of directory submission article submission will keep on changing according to search engines…

SEO Techniques you should follow in 2010 according to me :slight_smile:

  • Write quality content
  • Don’t try any Black hat seo techniques
  • Maintain consistency
  • Try to give relevant information
  • Social network optimisation can be very benificiary
  • Linkedin social network of professionals can give you good amount of relevent traffic
  • Keep yourself updated

i update myself every morning, and sometimes after dinner, too :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I hope you remember to wash your hands afterwards.

Find a keyphrase using google adwords that represents your websites interests.

Target a phrase that you can compete on. Use yahoo site explorer to make sure your not taking on a mega site with millions of quality inbound links that would take you 10 years to match.

Put your journalist hat on and write content that would be good enough to publish in a quality newspaper.

Write the content following the priciples of semantic markup.

Spread your content across the internet via relevant blogs, twitter…

Then pray you get results and your boss doesnt fire you when you told him you could get there website at No1 anytime somebody enters your companies products in search engines :wink:

Speed is the important one.
I am going to concentrate on improving my blogs loading speed for better ranking.

Thanks for all off you for sharing your views from reading this i understand that what is the best techniques that i should be use for seo.

Once again thanks

Totally 100% agree with this, there aint no shortcuts. You might be able to apply every clever SEO trick in the world but if the content sucks you may aswell step outside your office and hand out flyers to random passers by :wink:

That’s just not true, if you know what the ranking signals are and how to spoof them you can get utter garbage to rank well, Google doesn’t make judgement calls about content it just looks at the signals. It’s a much harder way to do it though, which is my point, it’s much easier to just create something that actually deserves to rank well but do it in a smart way.

For example, we all know that good quality IBLs are really important, so go out of your way to create content that begs to be linked to.

Hi JJ - it certainly is a puzzle SEO and you sound like you’ve cracked it. I would love to know the holy grail of securing hi serps in your target keyphrase
so I am probaly everyone who wants to to dispell the smoke and mirrors of SEO please break down what you mean by -

if you know what the ranking signals are and how to spoof them you can get utter garbage to rank well

And going slightly off topic here but I was contacted by link-star to pay me for links to a clients site

Hello David,

I hope you are doing well. I understand your reasons and I discussed them with my supervisor. I was told that our client o2 is very interested in working with you and they are willing to stretch the rate up. We are going to add an extra 120USD so the new total will now be 300USD.

I really want to work with you and hope that you can reconsider my offer. In fact, this is the highest offer I have given so far. Please let me know if you have suggestions regarding the content and the text-advert so I can forward it to our content writers. I could provide a new copy for your review and approval if you think that the current content does not go along with your article.

I look forward to your next reply. Have a great day!

This upsets me and I guess its what alot of SEO agencies do they just pay people for inbound links thus corrupting the whole process of only quality content hitting the top spots in SERPS. Makes me :mad: I can see no way how google could stop this. The scenario is a bleak one - anyone with a large pot of cash can just muscle there way up the SERPS only because theyve paid sites for inbound links, its like SERP mafia tactics.

Rant over.

Ok if you want to begin to understand link wheels check out -

still a bit too early to know what Google Caffeine wants. To play safe, just strike a balance between onpage seo and offpage seo.

Yeah I think I have and the irony is that it’s really quite simple to understand but difficult as hell to do.

The holy grail of SEO is this - Understand what Google wants, give it to them.