What is The Best software for Formatting and Enhancing my Ebook?

What software or program should I use to format and design content into a great looking, high quality Ebook?

Something like the following:


Specifically, creating two separate columns, and incorporating images in specific and strategic areas.

I’d like to make the ebook look like a real book in pdf form. As opposed to some ebooks that look like a word document slapped together and put into pdf form.

. Any other advice on what should be avoided and included to make an ebook visually impressive??


You can do that sort of thing in Word. Honest.
Bad layouts come from the lack of design skills and lack of imagination, not from software.

But do realise that two column layouts where the user has to jump up to the top of the page to read the next bit of text in the second column is actually BAD design on usability grounds. I hate reading eBooks that force me to jump up and down the page. Such columns work on a news paper, as you don’t use a mouse to scroll a newspaper. They are bad on a computer screen. Real books don’t use two-column layouts.

Thank you John! I greatly appreciate it!