What is the best size for an article top image?

I would define an article top image as an image that we would put between the <h1> of an article, and the rest of the content of that article.


I assume that there is a everything first, not mobile first and not desktop first pixel size for such images, in both width and height.

Is there a standard among website designers (graphic designers specializing in website design) about what is the best size for an article-top-image?

I mean, what is the best size to resize and/or crop this image, in a image manipulation tool such as GIMP, before I upload it to my website.

In short, no there is no standardized size for images on the web. It all depends on your layout and should adjust based on the viewport (aka responsive). Sometimes a big image is needed, sometimes it is smaller. Again, there is no definitive size. Whatever fits your content the best.

Of course do keep in mind that bigger images make your pages heavier so make your best judgement call.

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Please keep width of 1200 pixels with a height that complements the aspect ratio such as 675 pixels.

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Can you explain why you are recommending those dimensions? Do you have any advice on scaling for responsiveness?


@technobear there isn’t a specific one size fits all standard for article top images but a recommended size is 1200 pixels wide by 675 pixels tall.

Recommended by whom???