What is the Best Sitepoint Avatar?

I just signed up for sitepoint forums and I was thrilled to see their extensive list of preset avatars. Personally, I picked the blue target because it looks a lot like the logo for my company, One Shot Web Design.

I wanted to ask everyone, what is the best sitepoint avatar? Maybe not even the avatar you picked, just the one that made you smile the most.

Ideally you should use a photo of yourself as your avatar - that way everyone knows exactly who it is that is responsible for which posts - across multiple forums and not just at Sitepoint.

He’ll have to wait until he gets 25 posts first!

I like the guy with the paper bag on his head. That’s definitely my favourite!
We had a whole lot of ridiculous Valentines Day ones a few years back. Most of them made me laugh - but not necessarily in a good way!

Wow! Stephen Chapman! I can definitely say part of my Javascript education came from reading your articles, and I am still programming JS today. I can’t believe you actually replied to my post, thanks!

Thanks for clearing that up for me HAWK, I was looking around for how to upload my picture and I just couldn’t figure it out.