What is the best site to write article?

Blog and Article writing is good for SEO purpose.
I m using Wordpress and Blogger to write blog, but i never write article so give me a name of site to write article.

A blog on your own site - yes, that can bring traffic to your site.

How do you think posting articles on another site helps your SEO? One or two articles with a link back to your site are going to make very little difference; multiple articles may start to look like a link scheme, and result in your site being penalised.

If you’ve written a great article, why would you publish it on somebody else’s site, where they will get the search engine ranking for that article, and any traffic that comes from it? Why not publish it directly on your own site, where you will get the benefit?


Check if your host includes adding Wordpress. Then the blog will stay on your site with your site URL.

There are many do-follow article submission site is available in Search engine. Some of the best article submission site are:

  1. Article base
  2. Sooper article
    3.Article cube… etc.

I think a lot would depend on the “authority” site and the article site.

For example, if I had a site about “Fashion Shoes” I could write an article on my site, say “White heels, not only for the Summer”.
I could then find a site that was about fashion in general. Then I could write an article for that site, say “Dressing for a New Years Eve party”. The article would need to discuss many aspects, hair, makeup, accessory items, gown, etc. but where shoes was discussed, there would be a link to “White heels, not only for the Summer” on my site.

In other words, I would be creating content for my site and creating content for the article site.

Personally, I would likely not bother doing all that work simply to get a backlink and would rather write “Proper care of suede riding boots” for my own site.


There are many sites available on the web, on which you can write ana article and blogs. Many blog sites allow submit an article as well give an option to write the same. You can use Wikihow website to write and post an article with your own creativity.

There is so many good site for article posting. but its depends on your targeted audience and niche.

I prefer to use article cube and article base for writing the website to the website.

1. Article Submissions

If the word “EzineArticles” falls out of your mouth when you start talking about your SEO, you should just stop right there. Even before the Panda update, this really wasn’t the best use of your time and essentially was just a way to get some quick links back to your site.

Get this through your head: link building isn’t easy. It, like all things in optimization, takes time and effort.

Instead of going after easy links, why not work on building relationships with bloggers and work on writing guest posts that can add value to their site and community while benefitting you with exposure to their audience and possibly building a quality reference from an authoritative site.

From https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/how-to/2197044/10-old-seo-methods-you-need-to-stop

(Note: that article was published in 2012, and considered article submission to be an outdated technique even then.)


You mean blogs for seo reasons to rank your links? If so then none of the automated article writers are good because they are all spammy crap that google can easily catch and blacklist. So best you wrote the blogs manually.

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There is so many good site for article posting.
Sooper article is good

You can check on google.You have to remember that which site your chose for posting , you have to check the site PR 1st.It was healthy for for SEO backlink.

Google no longer publishes updates on PR, so there is no way of knowing this. Any data you find for PR will be out-dated.

There are a lots of PR checker tools are avail avail in website.Is all site are fake?

Yes I think the checkers do still exist, but the data will be old if it is genuine.
I don’t recall exactly when Google stopped issuing public updates, but it was a few years ago.

Are you sure?

Yes, absolutely.
I just looked it up, they have not published updates since December 2013.

Thanx for your update.

There are many article submission sites & guest posting sites- both free & paid. Check whetther they are genuine to post do follow links. If gaining traffic is the aim, otherwise just expand your online presence with it.


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