What is the best route to get into game programing?

i am a standard grade student looking to get into game development, and i’m wondering what would be the best things to take into higher to be able to get into a game programming course, and i’m also wondering where would be the best place to go, since i live in scotland, any suggestions?

Is this high school? The language you use will depend on what you are programming. Although the core logic is the same for all of them.

Here are some things to check out:
Alice is used to teach game programming principles. http://www.alice.org/index.php?page=downloads/download_alice2.2

If you wanted to build three-d games, Blender is an open-source 3D software that uses Python for programming.

Flash is used to make Web games, but is expensive.

If I’m perfectly honest, while Game Development degrees are picking up speed and becoming more accepted in the workplace, the standard Computer Science degree will teach you everything you need to know in order to land a job in the games industry, and it is still by far the most popular degree, both in what is asked for and what people have in the games industry. I’ve spoke to a number of people involved in game development and typically the figures stand at 3/4 CS graduates, 1/8 skilled hobbyists and 1/8 Game Development graduates.

So yeah, if you want to get involved in games, take a CS degree and focus heavily on learning things like C++ and other languages and frameworks that are used heavily in the industry. Also, intern heavily while taking your degree as a lot of game companies appreciate the cheap labour.

ULTiMATE that makes sense because the CS degree will give you more flexibility if you can’t find a job in game-development or if you want to make more money.