What is the best practice for the background?

Dear forum members,

what is the rule for the background picture and fullscreen picture for fullscreen websites dimensions?
Should I create different sizes for different support to render them better (lets say desktop/tablette/phone)
Appreciate your advice.

Swapping out images for different devices is getting very popular, but my feeling is that it’s still fine to use just one and make its file size as small as possible. One cool technique that often works is to make the dimensions of the image really large but save it for the web at a very low quality. Once it’s squashed down it looks good anyway—even on retina devices, and all devices get a small file size.

Hi soap marine, have seen your query and i wanna reply on the same…Whatever the image size and miscellaneous are , ensure that the image delivers a better visibility and there should be any blurs…Try this formula–1600*800…It is a default matrix and it best suits all the led, lcd and the crt displays… have a try…

1600x900 - background
1170x400 - foreground