What is the best macro software?

Can someone please recommend a good piece of software? I have tried auto hot key but it can’t sem to do much and cant seem to do it consistently!

Well it isn’t free but I have used Macro Express in the past (trial) and for what I needed for the very short time it worked very well.

I am using this software, Workspace Macro Pro 6.5 and it works very well. If things change on your computer, it accounts for it automatically. That part I like a lot. I don’t have to keep tweaking my macro.

Wrokplace macro pro 6 was a joke. almost nothing worked for me with this. seems can do only simplest things. i have not found ones under 100 dollars ok. i am trying others now

I use and like Macro Express :rolleyes:

I really can agree. In my mind it is the best software for beginners. I also use it and really like it because it is relatively easy to use.

Today project management software is used by almost every company. It is a tool without which one can live. Doing business online and communicating with everyone in regards to the progress and requirements of the project would not have been possible without the help of project management software.


Macro Express 3. is best for use.