What is the best hosting for premium or free with auto script installer

i’m confused with many host services. I can’t determine which hosting choose for my website. My budget is low that’s the main problem. Please help me which hosting is the best in low prices. On the other hand, what’s about free hosting? I heard about 000webhost and byethost4 are best free host service. But the problem is 000webhost don’t support my custom domain and auto CMS installer don’t support in byethost4.

Welcome to the forums, @ariftiensbd.

Your question is too vague to attract any useful answers; you’ll simply get a list of members’ favourite hosts.

What kind of hosting are you looking for? Shared? VPS? What requirements do you have for location, disc space, bandwidth, etc?

There is a SitePoint guide to choosing a hosting company which might help you decide.

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Thanks for your reply.
I want to use wordpress CMS, blog platform, shared, minimum disc space and minimum bandwidth.
but one condition uptime need 100% and load faster.

Is server location important to you? If so, where does it need to be? What’s the limit of your budget?

server location doesn’t important for me. SEO friendly, uptime 100% and load faster is most important. My budget is low. after some time I can increase my budget. Thanks

It would help if you could give some indication of what you mean by “low”; prices vary a great deal between countries, and what seems low to one member might seem quite generous to another.

low mean upto $10/m I can spend for hosting now. If I find any best free hosting service that also good

You can start with free webhosting at 000webhost.com which is totally free and easy to set up. If you like it, you can transfer your website to Hostinger, which is done automatically, since booth brands are from the same company.

Hostinger prices start at $2.15/month and you can park any domain there.

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