What is the best hosting company in Azerbaijan?

I want to move my website to Azerbaijan. So I wanna find the best hosting company there?

My firs priority is the customer service and support.

Whatever is best for someone else might be worst for you and whatever is worst for someone else might best be for you.

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WELL SAID! Thats some sage advice

I think servers based in Azerbaijan are provided by number of companies. I suggest to contact Hostnoc. Overall there support is good. I am using their dedicated server.

Many hosting companies use hosting systems located elsewhere. An office in Azerbaijan might be selling hosting that physically exists in another country. You say that your first priority is customer service and support so the physical location of the hosting I assume is less important.

I tried searching in Google Maps and got results. They all seem to have good reviews in Google Maps. What you can do next is to find reviews elsewhere for each of them.

Do you prefer telephone support or online support and/or email support? Whatever is best for you might not be best for someone else, so choose what is best for you and look for a service that does that.

Something interesting is that the results I got when I did the Google Maps search directly found hosting services in the Baku area. When I clicked the link I posted here, which is the same search, there are none in the Baku area in the results; I think none in Azerbaijan. That seems strange. I am not familiar with your country but I see that Baku is your capital. So you should search for hosting companies in (near) Baku explicitly.

Actually it depends on your Project or website which you’re going to host. Server may vary but you can take BlueHost, Namecheap support for economic solution. Otherwise you need to take cloud server from GCS, AWS etc. for huge traffic.

Hope it will help you.

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I think both of the following mean the same thing.

You can find so many reputed name on the internet very easily, what you have to do, you have find best one for you who can support you perfectly. so you should consider some fectors based on your requirments. here i share some fectors which should be in your hosting provider

  • responsive server
  • strong security system
  • regular backup
  • advanced gfeatures
  • uptime guarantee
  • affordable price

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