What is the best form of seo

hi guys, what is the best form of seo. Is it having great well written content on the site or is it having back links on other sites that target how you want to list in search engines, or is it both?

This subject has been covered extensively here before, a quick search will reveal. But beware of a lot of mis-information regarding SEO.
What is on the pages of your site is the only true measure of how good your site is and the big SEs know that.
IMO on-page SEO should always come first. Good quality, unique content within well structured, semantic, mark-up that is readable for both humans and machines is a good start. Being machine readable is good for both indexing and accessibility. A good navigation system will help both people and crawlers digest more of your content.
Anyway, how could you expect to get quality back links without having good content in the first place?
:unamused: I can’t help thinking that some SnakE Oil mercant is going to give a really bad answer to my last question. Please don’t it’s rhetorical.



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Yes, I think it’s having a quality and unique content on the site and also having a good quality of dofollow backlinks.

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Both are useful. SEO first starts with well optimized website and then start building high quality backlinks.

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case closed…

SamA74 gave you a pretty good technical answer. If you need a different, business perspective, it is the same as having a regular company. You need to be different from your competition, to invent something new or rarely discussed. Your website has to have certain competitive advantage which is properly promoted (if people do not realize that you are good at something, they won’t give it proper attention). Then, you have to be active within your community, to connect with other individuals of interest and build your reputation. By itself, all of these things will improve your SEO standing because Google supports good entrepreneurs and business ideas. To top it all of and polish it a bit further, include all the instructions provided by SamA74.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this.

You seem to be suggesting that things like

[quote=“niksto82, post:9, topic:211412”]
you have to be active within your community, to connect with other individuals of interest and build your reputation.
[/quote]will somehow influence SERPs.

I think you are mistaken, but I may have misunderstood, so perhaps you could explain in more detail?

I am not directly referring to SEO effort. What I mean is that you have to have good business idea and good product if you wish to be one of the best (especially refers to e-commerce). Of course, this is generalization. My general belief is that some people are thinking too much about SEO and artificial marketing boost instead of improving their core business. For example, even if you are the best marketing expert, you cannot force a product (or a website) which people do not want. You cannot sell snow to eskimos (btw, loving your pic :slight_smile: ). For example, Warren Buffet once said that he never invests into stocks of companies whose business he is not familiar with or does not believe in. Regardless of their technical aspects. If your company\website is based on bad values, you will sooner or later fall. If your business is good, there is no farm animal update which can bring it down.

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Ah - OK, thank you.

In that case, I agree with your advice on business strategy, but we’re venturing somewhat off-topic here.

@leofrank was asking specifically about SERPs:

Let’s stick to the question at hand to avoid confusing folk - me most of all.

[quote=“niksto82, post:11, topic:211412”]
If your business is good, there is no farm animal update which can bring it down.
[/quote]Assuming that by that, you mean you have built your business - and your site - on ethical principals.

First have a look on that site that you want to boost, then think simply, do some smooth work like focus good and relevant content on the site, check all technical errors, and boost quality back links. I think this is the write white hat seo technics.

Ethical and viable. You are right. When I start talking about economy, no one can stop it. And if you think you have it rough, you should hear complaints from my wife :smiley:

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The well said line is very true that content is king.Linking your website to other sites is also very essential

How does this help a website’s seo @Emma_Page?

Both. Firstly you star seo on onlinepage to get traffic for your website then Offpage seo for the backlinks.

Backlink and content are the two different factors, we can’t correlatethem. Content is the information about your product and services that you offer presented on your website. which should be unique and fresh. If it is not, then there is not any use of building backlink.

backlink is the best form of SEO, without backlink you can’t higher in search engine

Backlinks alone will not lead to a high position in search engines. The most important aspect is high-quality, unique content on your site.

Quality content definitely is key, good quality backlinks very important, but I would add trust in your niche or brand, if you will, is also crucial, Via social media, posted interviews, and even guest blogging when the blog and subject matter is very relevant.

So it wouldn’t be just one thing or another. It’s a whole bag of important tools. And like real tools, the better quality do a better job.

Hi leofrank,

SEO is changing so frequently, Google updates also become harder day by day. Only bulk backlinks can’t move you on top or only content can’t do this task lonely. Proper planing is required to this task. Well written quality content, high quality baclinks with authority sites, Proper On-Page SEO, Keyword density and many more techniques used for this form of SEO.