What is the best education for kids?

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You know guys, what is best education for kids.
I think best education for kids, the education which develops the personality of kids physically and mentally.
What do you think about this?
Share your views about this topic …

I fully agree with you… the thing is how do you get that and what you call developing their personality… we should start with those definitions, first :lol:

The best education for any kid starts right from the birth and the teachers are all the elders specially parents. What parents can teach their child, no one else can…Specially educating morally, ethically and character wise is the foundation for a bright future.

If we get to look at the basics, a child’s future is fully based on the base structure that we incorporate in them, just as a skyscraper the more solid the base the higher it goes up. And these days we have all the web tools at our disposal to them to see visually as well as theoretically so many aspects that life has to offer, but then this forum is too small a place to delve into its entirety.

The best education for the kids start from mother side and then other family member at home like grand father and grand mother. Kids learn many habits form elders so we should behave carefully before the children.

Thanks to all you , For sharing the Your Views with me on this topic …

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I think the best education for kids is making a best environment around them. They can copy anything people around them do and that will affect to their development :slight_smile:

The best education for kids is to develop their mental and physical abilities by indulging them into various productive activities.

It seems that we all agree and that there’s no debate here some I’m closing the thread.