What is the best ecommerce plugin for WP?

Looking for options here. Or am I better off with something like Zen Cart?

I’ve tried Magento but that is the biggest bloatware I have ever seen and support for it is rubbish.

WP e-commerce does seem pretty good. But the support does not. Seems a lot of unanswered questions on the forum.

I need to a solution with good support and a lot of people in the ‘community’ with the know-how.

I have worked with WP e-Commerce plugin and have to say that with all its problems it is a great plugin. It tends to take quite sometime to make fixes and ad features but you expect that from a free model. You can buy plugins to extend the cart. It is best if you know a little PHP that way you can tweak the cart but if not there are alot of people on the e-Commerce forum who post improved code and will help you out.

I have no much experience of the other options as when I started e-Commerce was the closes to what I required.

many Powerful Shopping/Ecommerce Plugin Solutions For WordPress can be found,like WP e-Commerce plugin for WordPress,Quick Shop plugin for WordPress,eShop plugin for WordPress, WP Live-Shopping plugin for WordPress are all good for you.

I’m looking for the same.
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