What is the best AutoSuggest Script? Compatible with PHP


I have build one website in pure PHP, MySQL; with a customised CMS.

I posted several times on this forum, and really got correct solution, when i stuck with any issue.

This time i am also seeking help from our expert members…here it goes

I need to suggest a list of keywords from my database to website users. So all i am researching what is the best technique to use…

I thought about via XML, but it was working fine until i had a list of few thousands, but when my keywords reached to 1 million; and XML file went to 2.5 MB; it started creating problem to me. As 2.5MB file takes too much time to PARSE.

So plz suggest me any good autosuggest script or tech; which can resolve my issues in 1 million - 2 million keywords picture.

I overheard about BSN(Brand Spanking New) AJAX autoComplete… so would like to throw your expert feedback on that as well…

I am open to adapt any other tech as well; just need a good script which is fast, realiable and support all avaliable leading browsers.

It would be a great help, because i have almost completed my website just because of this feature i can’t make it LIVE till date.

Many Thanks, Krst