What is the best antivirus for windows 7 in my PC?

hi, I have a computer but it is not protected. Some time I got some file which unable to open. this files sow as a shortcut file. that’s why I lost many files from my computer. So what can I do to protect my PC ?

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You said it yourself… antivirus… I personally I use AVG (free) and Nod32 (paid).

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Thanks for your suggestion, Can I get back the shortcut file which I have lost ?

I used to use AVG, but I do not like their “tech support”. Don’t get me wrong, I recognise and acknowledge the fact that free software support is usually in the form of a forum - I just don’t like the attitude of the people who monitor said forum for AVG. If you do not post in PRECISELY and exactly their “template”, the only response you’ll get is “read the guidelines for posting - we can’t help you if we don’t know everything,” and any objections by the user is met with “if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.”

So, I switched to avast! and I have not, yet (knock on wood), had any issues that require me to seek support. It is semi-nagware, but a few tweaks to settings (and without registry hacks) make that disappear. And avast! works at least as well as AVG, or paid subscription AV software like Norton or Symantec.

Conversely, if you need to remove something that has already infected your system, the absolute BEST product to use is MalwareBytes. I’ve seen MalwareBytes remove some of the most tenacious malware I’ve ever seen. (NOTE: If your system has a particularly nasty virus, you might have to rename the MalwareBytes installer file to “iexplore.exe” to install it… works like a charm!)



First, I’d make sure that I didn’t have any viruses.

I’d check if it is in the bin or somewhere else. I think I try to search for files with similar name but different extension… many viruses change the extension but keep the same name or something very similar.

If you don’t have viruses and can’t find the file, you could use something like recuva. Most of the time, as a question of speed, data is not lost (until it is really overwritten). It is simply marked as usable space for the computer to use. In a situation like that, you can recover the files kept in areas that are not overwritten.

I use AVG and Malwarebytes. Too much adware on sites these days.

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