What is the best affiliate niches to make money?

Hello friends,

I have been running male enhancement products niche to earn commission but I don’t make good money. I also run some adsense but the earning is low too.

So, I have one question:

what are the best affiliate niches to make money today?

thanks very much!

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Best Affiliate Niches to make money are weight loss,get ex back,make money and self help are all very popular. Go to click bank and choose products that fit into this category now go to the Market place select the products which has High Gravity means already selling very well.

Look for those in the wellness industry.

Health, fitness, weight loss, weight GAIN, pregnancy, home decoration, gym, etc.

Anything to do with making passive income online would also be pretty good niche.

The best for me is rx products
after that the hosting industry
adult industry
herbal products

Also consider that since those niches are so popular - they are also BEYOND saturated - so unless you have some amazing new angle and the where with all to get it in front of people and get them to buy - expect a loooooooooong journey before you see even a dime.

I think that actually people still have the same needs as 1 or 5 years ago. You can still successfully sell enhancement products if you put a lot of effort in it and if you know what you are doing. From the other hand the competition is very strong in these areas. Every new products will be easier to promote when compared to the ones that have established position on the market. My advice would be: pickup a small more specific niche (not necessarily new one) and put a really lot of effort and hard work to get decent, targeted traffic and then you can’t fail.

Is a good time for diets niche and contacts, they pay good and you can get very good subniches. Also thing that summer is comming.

For me the best niches are those related to weight loss, skin problems, such as acne, personal relationships. Try to focus your efforts on a more specific subniche within these niches.

This subject has been discussed ad nauseum in the forums. Search for the question and you should get what you need.

So, rather than have another looping thread and/or fluff magnet - THREAD CLOSED