What is Static website Design?

I could not understand about Static website Design? so plz help me in understanding this with some great examples that i could not find.

Static web design covers any website that isn’t constantly and automagically changing. So, for example, the Sitepoint Reference site is essentially static, whereas the [url=http://sitepoint.com/forums]Sitepoint Forums are dynamic, because they are continually changing and being altered by users.

Another example of a difference would be an online retailer that allows you to search for items and returns pages and results depending on what you search for, past preferences etc would be dynamic, but one that simply lists a catalogue of all the products would be static.

As far as designing is concerned, there are some points that you need to keep in mind while designing dynamic sites. If the content is dynamic you need to plan what happens if they fall too short or too long. Flexibility matters very much there. But for static pages you can have the content right in your hand so you just need to plan about whatever you have in your hand. Boundaries are known & usually well defined.

To some extent, yes. But if you’re working on the basis of knowing exactly how big the content is … you can’t, because different people have different fonts, text size preferences, monitor resolutions etc.

Static website means no involvement of database where as dynamic website have database on backhand. Similarly i think first post reply explain the things very well and given a good example…

Static website is a site that doesn’t contain any flash, javascript, or ajax applications. Just text, and images.

Dynamic website is a site that contains flash, javascript, or ajax applications like drop-down menu, slideshow, flash intro, etc…

Static means no motion, while dynamic means animated website.

Basically all the elements are ‘still’, look away for 10 seconds and when you look back nothing has changed!

That describes pretty much any website. A dynamic website (which is the opposite of static) is unlikely to change every 10 seconds, or even to change at all without the user doing something.

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