What is SEO servers

Recently I came across this term SEO servers ?but i am not sure how they improve your search engine rankings :slight_smile:

I’ve never even heard that before, nor does it really make any sense. SEO is a process and not a technology so I’m not sure what would make a server pertain to SEO.

Where did you hear that term?

just now i searched this term SEO servers on google it showed up 4,390,000 results and i saw many hosting providers offering this service most of them claims that it improves you search engine rankings i wanted to know what is special about this type of server

Hahaha. Great. Now we have hosting companies claiming that they’ll help improve your ranking because you host with them. Oh wait, didn’t GoDaddy start this trend years ago?

Oye… :rolleyes:

Yes i do agree that Godaddy started this trend but my question is how a particular type of server can help you in improving search engine ranking

“SEO hosting” refers to being allocated IP addresses in multiple class C ranges for each of your sites.

It’s an idea that spawned from a 5-year-old Google patent that talked about discounting links between sites on the same IP block.

That’s an ancient technique that Google doesn’t need anymore. It doesn’t help to buy “SEO hosting” nor does it hurt to interlink sites that are on the same IP address at the same host.

It’s just a marketing gimmick now. Hosts are so competitive they’ll latch onto any angle they can, even if it means pretending there’s value where there isn’t. That’s especially bad right now when we’re about to run out of IP addresses and can’t afford to waste them on SEO tricks. APNIC and ARIN expect the IP space to be fully allocated by September 2011.

Hey Dan thanks allot for such an informative and knowledgeable reply …

I haven’t come across this type of topics… I would appreciate you DAN… Really thanks for this useful information.

I ran across a guy in another forum about 6 months ago who claimed that all there was to SEO was to have the server tuned right. I asked him to document what he was saying and he gave me a couple keyword phrases that had no competition at all. It took me 2 days to outrank him on those phrases using the forum post. I wouldn’t put much stock in claims like that.

I’ve never heard about term SEO servers.I will let you know if i find any information.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process and approach get your domain (website) on the top pages when somebody searches on the Google, Yahoo, bling etc. The SEO can also increase or determine the importance of website by Google PR (Page Rank)

For instant I have come across a site bid4insurance . com while searching on Goolge for Insurance related information that I found on first page which seems well done on the SEO that got Google PR 3 and therefore appearing on the first page of Google for some of the keywords they have defined for it.

Hope you got some understanding of what SEO can do for a web ?

The SEO Optimized server should ensure 100% power and network uptime guarantee.

If we are talking about SEO hosting or SEO server that means that with the server you have batch of IPs which are different by C class.
In general server should have 100% uptime during SERP updates and that’s all. I do not know any other requirements.