What is responsive web design

can anyone tell me about responsive web design?

responsive design mean clear and clean design, user friendly navigation and most of all compatibility with all mobile devices screens… to read and know more about this please check :

and this is a nice book : http://www.sitepoint.com/books/responsive1/

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Responsive web design is taking into account that the web content is being viewed on a wide number of different sized screens, from mobile to tablet, to desktop, portrait and landscape.

By using certain web technologies and rejecting fixed-width tables, one can make the design “respond” to the width of the screen; the content reflows appropriately.

You can go to microsoft.com and watch how the design adjusts to fit the screen when you widen and narrow your browser window.

Have a look at: http://finecitizens.com/defineResponsive/
It explains it really well with pictures.

responsive sites means that your website is compatible with all browsers and screens of varying resolutions. This means that your site will open on every device with ease.

Responsive website design became a new brand of web development. It is a new and latest direction for web design which makes the website design compatible in various devices ranging from desktop computers to mobile phones. It helps website to have the same set of URLs when viewed in desktops, laptops and iPads which have different parameters such as screen widths, resolution levels, etc. It gives a pleasant viewing experience to users, hence increasing the number of returning visitors that also means increased sales. Few companies providing responsive webdesign services across the world. Discover Excellence is one of the company that provides responsive design services.

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