What is Organic Traffic in SEO?

what is Organic Traffic in SEO?

Please tell me complete information related to seo. i am a hindi blog writer that way i am saying the increase organic traffice on my website suggest me?

Welcome to the forums, @gauravgautamsara.

That simply means traffic which comes to your site by “natural” means (like search, or a link from another site), rather than through advertising.

It’s not appropriate to ask to be taught “everything” about a subject. If you are new to SEO, then I suggest you start with Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which is pretty comprehensive.

If you then have more specific questions which remain unanswered, please search the forums to see if they have been asked and answered here before. If you still can’t find anything, then feel free to post again.

Meanwhile, I’m closing this thread, as your question is too vague and general to attract meaningful replies.