What is net-30, net-60, etc

What does net-30, net-45, net-60 all mean?

Net invoice amount due in 30 days, 45 days and 60 days from invoice date. Basically you have either a month, month and a half or two months before the payment is due.

Others you will see such as 2% 10 days Net 30, which means deduct 2% if you pay within 10 days, full balance due in 30 from invoice date or 2% 10th Net 30, which means deduct 2% if paid before the 10th of the month, balance due in 30 days.

so when an affiliate company says they are net-60, they pay every two months?

If you make $50 throughout January then you will not be paid that amount until at least the beginning of April. Basically it’s a two month gap for them to carry out fraud detection and invoice their clients.

They pay monthly, but as ticksoft said, there’s a two month gap. So, when you start, you’ll have to wait 2 months for the first payment, but after that payments will be monthly (assuming you get revenue every month), but with a 2 months delay, so to say.