What is live comment in blog

Hi Everyone!
This is really wonderful forums. Please anyone cat tell me what is “Live comment” in blog. If give me a example link of it then I can understand easily.

Thanking You
Jahangir Alam

live comment are comment which can be seen whenever you open that particular page where you have posted the comment.

live comment means …a link which is still available there whenever you open that blog or post.

The comment which you seen mostly in that particular blog called as Live comment.

Ignore all three comments above - they are incorrect. And it also has nothing to do with internet marketing/SEO.

Live comments are simply a javascript enhancement which takes a textareas input and places it into another element as a “type as you go” preview of what you’ve typed.

A “static” example of this would be to use the Go Advanced button here at SPF. Enter text into the reply field and hit the Go Advanced button. You will see the text under the preview header. A “live comment” functionality will show text like that as a user types.

A sample for a wordpress plugin can be found here: http://www.dynamicwp.net/articles-and-tutorials/how-to-add-live-comment-preview-to-comment-textarea-without-plugin/