What is Link Wheel Concept?

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Can anyone share with me process of Link Wheel and its benefits?

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Ink wheels are nothing but a group of websites that are interconnected which try to improve the ranking of a target website by linking to target website. For example if you have 50 websites in your link wheel and the website you are targeting is “yourdomain.com”, then:
Site 1 links to Site 2 and back to the “yourdomain.com
Site 2 links to Site 3 and back to the “yourdomain.com
Site 3 links to Site 4 and back to the “yourdomain.com

… and so on.

The name explains it pretty much, It’s a network of blogs or articles linked to each other and all these articles or blogs are then linked to the main website, thus creating a wheel ! It is not the best of strategies it contains risk factor and so one should always avoid it. There are lot of other ethical and effective methods like guest blogging etc which gives good results.

I must appreciate this thread for the knowledge shared in this regarding link wheel process. I think link wheel is really an important part of the SEO and helps a lot in improving the rankings. I am also going well in link wheels but still i need some help of a seo expert in this.

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A link wheel is a system of websites that point to each other in an attempt to improve rankings in Google’s organic search. The promoted site resides at the center of the link wheel. All other sites (spokes) link back to the promoted site.

When you link multiple authority sites to each other and they are all linking out to your site, guess what… the search engines become happy and they you share a little of that authority!

To make the most of Google linkwheel, you must:

  • Create unique and valuable content that begs to be linked to.
  • Monitor which content on your blog or site has performed well.
  • Search Google for the best wheel spokes to get links from.
  • Email the controllers of the spokes and inform them your content exists and ask for a link.

P.S - There are, however, mixed opinions over the legitimacy of this technique in the eyes of search engines.

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