What is link pyramid?

Hello Friends

Please tell me about the link pyramid and how it useful for SEO. I know about the link wheel but pyramid is a totally new concept for me. If you know about it please share your knowledge here.


The easiest way to find an answer to a simple question like this is to do a quick search, both of the forums and the internet generally. That way, you’ll get your answer straight away, without having to wait for somebody to reply. There is plenty of information out there.

The bottom line is that link pyramid, like link wheel and every other link scheme, is designed to manipulate your rankings in the search engines, and if detected, could lead to your site being penalised.

Instead of wasting time with these things, spend it on improving the content of your site and gaining good rankings by merit, not manipulation.

Link pyramid includes level of link building. There are usually five levels of link building and in each level a link should be built in different manner. For instance, 1st level you have to directory submission after that in next level you try different link building technique.